Channel Suite

PlayNetwork’s Channel Suite provides businesses with a variety of musical selections for any business environment. This service offers a collection of 15 business appropriate music mixes which are updated monthly to keep your music fresh.

Your music library will have up to 400 hours of uninterrupted music with 500 songs per channel. Updates via CD-Rom or Network connection.

Business Mix Suite

PlayNetworks Business Mix Suite offers commercial establishments the ability to customize their own compelling soundtrack.

Choose up to 3 of over 100 Business Mixes. Then select the % of each mix used. We will blend them together to create a customized sound that supports your business image. Your locations receive updates via CD-ROM or Network connection.

Master Profile Suite

Master Profile starts with a Business Mix suite, combining up to 3 channels by the % you choose. Add 5 additional “Business Mixes” that you can play at different times of the day giving you flexibility, without losing control of what is played in your business.

This gives you the opportunity to play something different before you open, or have something a little more upbeat to combat the afternoon doldrums.